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A Story about a monster searching for the sun. A Story without words, told in colour.



This weekend, I managed to sit in my office chair for a bit and prep SUNRISE for the Kindle store! So now, SUNRISE is available for all kindle users!

It's a little bit more expensive than both Comixology and my PDF downloads as Amazon's royalty policy is pretty ridiculous, however, I'll be putting in some kindle-only extras in the final 2 issues.

HOWEVER, If you live in India, I've reduced the price to Rs100, as their pre-selected price was completely ridiculous, and I wanted to thank the country who's fixed my leg and been putting up with me since January :)

More details over at my Tumblr page!

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MORE delays because of surgery. Sorry :(


I am so sorry about this :( I've stumbled over yet more bad luck recently - I hope next year is a little more positive!

So currently, I'm on week 6 of recovering from some serious surgery. In July, I started getting some pain in my already deformed hip, I've had a problem called Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis since I was 9, and 20 yars later, it had finally gone arthritic, so I had to have a hip replacement - which feels really odd as it feels like the sort of thing I wouldn't have to worry about until I was at least in my 60s! My leg was 3cm shorter than it should have been, so during the surgery, they lengthened my leg, which then caused all the muscles and nerves to tear in my leg - it's been the most painful 6 weeks of my life! I still can't walk, and I'm still having trouble sitting upright without pain, so all of my work has come to a complete standstill. I am so freaking bored right now. Netflix has been my friend.

So, SUNRISE is most likely on hiatus until next year. I am SO SORRY about this, but it's something I just can't help.

THANKYOU SO MUCH for your continued support, you guys are amazing, and I just hop you've enjoyed the story so far. I get back to it as soon as I can sit and work :)

In the meantime, don't forget you can support me during my recovery (I have no way of making any money right now by working) by purchasing items from my Redbubble store and Patreon accounts, which you can find links to on the sidebar. I would LOVE YOU FOREVER if you could help in any way :)

Again, THANKYOU from the bottom of my heart, you guys are so lovely :)

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Yes! Finally! I managed to buy some webspace and update the site - no more broken css! I've updated it to reflect chapter 2 - If you find any broken bits, or find it difficult to read text, let me know and I'll make some tweaks :)

SUNRISE #3 will be starting up again in the next few weeks, so stay tuned :)

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FINALLY! I have finished the script!

I'll be starting to thumbnail over the next week or so - I've just got some work on for that I'll be concentrating on this week, but I'll do some morning warm ups with the thumbnails :) As soon as I have a decent amount done, I'll start again with daily uploads of pages! Yay!

SUNRISE #3 will be EVEN LONGER than SUNRISE #2 at an estimated total of 134 pages/panels! I'll be creating at least 2 panels a day in time for my return to the UK in November, but I estimate that the Smackjeeves version of SUNRISE #3 will be finished around Xmas time - with SUNRISE #4 hopefully ready for print in the following May and wrapping up around June time :)

SUNRISE #4 will be the FINAL instalment of SUNRISE, and I'll leave it up for a month after completion before I take down the Smack Jeeves version - after that, it'll only be available through paper or digital platforms for a small fee. I'm looking to get a publisher for a hardback compiled version shortly afterwards - failing that, I'll be starting a kickstarter campaign to do it myself :) (but only after completion! I know what it's like to be disappointed by kickstarter!)

If you'd like access to the 4-panels-per-page version of SUNRISE, and want to support me throughout the creation process, you can always become my patron over at patreon! $2 per month will get you access to an exclusive digital version of the comic for you to keep as well as some other goodies and patreon only comics!

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Hi guys,

So, regular readers will have noticed 2 things lately.

1) The page's layout is completely borked

2) The pages have stopped updating

DON'T PANIC It's just temporary :)

1) my webhosting ran out and my host closed down, so now I'm in the middle of transferring my domain to a new host. This is taking much longer than expected, because I've never had to do this before, and I'm having to be talked though each step (by my lovely old host who has just been amazing) I want to keep my domain, so it's taking a while to transfer. Hopefully, that'll be fixed next week :)

2) I'm still writing the script for issue 3. I don't want to start drawing panels until it's finalised - annoyingly, it's the start I'm not 100% happy with - the rest I'm really happy with :) I'm also working on a backlog of other project for other people after having to go back to the UK for 1 month in May/June, so I've not got as much time to work on it for the moment. Once the script is finished though, I'll be working on a page a day again :)

Also, this puppy has been taking a lot of my time since I got back. I think he's mad at me for going away for so long :(

You can download it at the following links;

UK; [img][/img]
EU; [img][/img]
US; [img][/img]

You can also buy paper copies over at my Etsy page - although, I'm down to my final few copies of #1 - They're all limited edition copies, so once they've gone, they've gone (until the collected volume!) Grab 'em quick!

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Layout broken

Sorry about the catastrophic failure of the web-page's layout, guys. My web hosting recently closed down, and I haven't yet got the money to move to a new host (I've been unable to work since September last year because of our move to India) Hopefully though, when I go back to India later this week, I should be able to afford new hosting!

Again, sorry about the AWFUL layout, I should be able to fix it soonish :)

Thankyou for your on-going patience!

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So, I've actually finished drawing out SUNRISE 2, and it's almost ready to print, which I'll do once I get back to England this Tuesday! Sunrise Chapter 2 will keep on updating here right up until the 27th June, so there'll still be 7 pages left to go when I get back, and I'll be writing the script when I'm in England, so I'll be coming back and HOPEFULLY getting right on those new panels without too much of a gap! ;)

(you can tell that maybe I'm a little stressed right now ;))

So, I'm taking pre-orders up until the 10th June for SUNRISE 2! You can also use this opportunity to grab a copy of SUNRISE 1 - which are now becoming VERY LIMITED! There's only 75 copies of each comic made - all are numbered and signed, but if you miss out, you can still buy unlimited digital copies on Comixology, and I'll be releasing a hardback version in the next couple of years once the 4 chapters are complete! (hopefully with a proper publisher and not my poor attempts!)

Anyhoo, If you want a copy of SUNRISE 2 with some extra goodies at a cheaper-than-conventions discounted price - then grab yourself a pre-order now!

DEAL 1 -

DEAL 2 -

Delivery will be within the next 4-6 weeks!

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SUNRISE T-SHIRTS Now on Redbubble!

New T-shirts available on my redbubble store!

The fan in my computer room/office broke today, and it’s 37C. Between that and a cintiq blasting heat directly into my eyeballs, I decided today was NOT a day for drawing, and instead it was a day for making T-shirts.

SO! Have 4 new SUNRISE T-shirt designs! This is the first time I’ve made any SUNRISE themed T-shirts, so be the first to have your very own! :D

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