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FINALLY! I have finished the script!

I'll be starting to thumbnail over the next week or so - I've just got some work on for http://unseenshadows.com/ that I'll be concentrating on this week, but I'll do some morning warm ups with the thumbnails :) As soon as I have a decent amount done, I'll start again with daily uploads of pages! Yay!

SUNRISE #3 will be EVEN LONGER than SUNRISE #2 at an estimated total of 134 pages/panels! I'll be creating at least 2 panels a day in time for my return to the UK in November, but I estimate that the Smackjeeves version of SUNRISE #3 will be finished around Xmas time - with SUNRISE #4 hopefully ready for print in the following May and wrapping up around June time :)

SUNRISE #4 will be the FINAL instalment of SUNRISE, and I'll leave it up for a month after completion before I take down the Smack Jeeves version - after that, it'll only be available through paper or digital platforms for a small fee. I'm looking to get a publisher for a hardback compiled version shortly afterwards - failing that, I'll be starting a kickstarter campaign to do it myself :) (but only after completion! I know what it's like to be disappointed by kickstarter!)

If you'd like access to the 4-panels-per-page version of SUNRISE, and want to support me throughout the creation process, you can always become my patron over at patreon! $2 per month will get you access to an exclusive digital version of the comic for you to keep as well as some other goodies and patreon only comics! http://www.patreon.com/teaceratops

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